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Current Core2 Vs I7 Highend gameing

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I've not see a post like this here,but I have seen alot of questions on what would be better. This is a great article and he's funny. I'm sure SOme have seen it before though.

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The problem with most of these articles on the i7 is they spend tons of time talking about the $1000 extreme processor and not enough time with the i7 920.

The i7 920 at $300 is a very cheap processor when it can compare to an existing $1000 core processor.

Sure if you wanna buy two 4870x2's, then by all means get a i7 965 and while your at it you might want to invest in a 3 stage phase changer system for cooling so you can get 5ghz.

The i7 articles are a joke...

A good use for the i7 is a system that uses a 4870 512m with a i7 920. It will run your games at the best settings at 1920x1200 and you will be happy. If you run at higher resolutions then that, then by all means think about the 4870x2 or SLI, but I swear these articles are a waste of time and are catering to the elite and the people that wanna waste a lot of money.

I'm building a i7 920 system sans lcd for a $1600 budget. It's a reasonable system and probably could be had for even less with patience and time in looking for even better deals, then I found.

Anyone building a $3000+ i7 system is just wasting money in my humble opinion.
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Nice review,
I'm going to have to sit this one out no upgrading for me until probably next summer can't see dropping $2000 right now, well except maybe another 280 and one of them their used QX9650's when they drop to $200 sad thing is it probably won't take too long for that to happen now
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Originally Posted by SiXiam View Post
The problem with most of these articles on the i7 is they spend tons of time talking about the $1000 extreme processor and not enough time with the i7 920.

Since the 920 kicked every Core2 in the face I'm with you
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Well you can extrapolate the difference if you read some of the other articles out there. It was also labeled highend gaming. I would suggest this one. Some "real world" benches.....25% is a big step. This is just the first wave of procs. There just getting there feet wet so far.

Those benchmarks are very amazing. Who would have thought that it was the CPU holding multi-gpu set ups back, and not the nature of sli/crossfire or bandwidth replication? Maybe I am reading more into this then I should, but it makes one wonder if the future of gaming is in multi card set ups, so much so that it may become standard in the near future. Maybe like RAM you won't purchase just one card, you would purchase a "kit" or two or more.... It is encouraging though that the difference is less pronounced with single and dual gpu's... which means my 775 based system should still be kicking until bandwidth overhead goes past the PCI E16 2.0 mark. Though I am having to firmly tell me upgrade bug to sit down and shut up....
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