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current project in the works

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this will be a 12 tec 12709 tec build. working on a 30ºdt @ 4ghz on a i7 920
ran out of copper but more to come

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Looks awesome, sub'd!
Been on this forum for about a year, and this is the first thread I'm subbing to. Can't wait till it's done cause this is kinda what I was thinking. I would still just assemble them and see what the current 4 modules can do after carving the rest of the water channels out of course
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Would controlling the flow with channels but have internal fins or pin matrix increase CW performance? I noticed that CPU waterblocks tend to direct the flow to center, which is perfect because of cores location. However TEC's require a constant flow across the whole surface, otherwise I would suspect performance to decrease.

Apologies for my ignorance.
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