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Hey guys! I'm a new member on the forum, although a longtime lurker...

I have an idea of a custom built TV-stand, which also doubles as a case for my desktop computer. I use a 46" TV as a monitor, so I need something to put it on. Seeing as it's this big, I can't sit up close, so I have to rely on wireless keyboard and mouse.

Anyways, seeing as I don't really like big computer cases (they're ugly and look so... geeky
), I had an idea of combining two pieces of "furniture" into one. I've gotten pretty far, and I just have a couple of questions. Before I go any further, here's some pictures, measurements and hardware so it's easier to understand what I'm asking.

Intel i5 3570k.
XFX Radeon HD 6970.
Chieftec Super Series 650W.
1 640 GB HDD.
1 240 GB SSD.
Corsair H60 Hydro Series (not bought yet).Nothing is overclocked, and I don't have any plans to overclock anything anytime soon.

TV-stand (total)
Width 90cm
Depth 55cm
Height 55cm

Width 23cm
Depth 42cm
Height 25cm

Width 60cm
Depth 42cm
Height 15cm

Here's the sketchup model I've made of the entire thing so far.
Front and left side (drawer is invisible from the front):

Rear and right side (viewed from front), with tabletop visible:

The computer-case-drawer:

The SketchUp file: http://speedy.sh/r8jcz/TV-PC-Bord.skp

I feel like it's coming along nicely. I've hired my dad to help with the actual furniture-carpenting, seeing as this isn't my strong side. He also had the brilliant idea of making the computer case a drawer, which means that when doing maintenance etc., I just have to disconnect the wires going to the motherboard I/O, GPU and PSU (much like a normal case).

I'll make the drawer out of plywood.

When it comes to fire safety, I've thought about installing a smoke detector underneath the tabletop. The PC should obviously never get hot enough to ignite the plywood during operation (plywood ignites above 250 degrees celcius), but it's just an extra measure in case of component malfunction. I would like to know ASAP if anything's seriously wrong, seeing as I don't think insurance companies will approve of this thing...

I think cable management should be OK, I'll use cable clips to route cables around.

I may use some USB extension cables from the rear I/O area and fasten them on the shelf, in order to get better signals for wireless keyboard and mouse.

Now, my questions to you fair gentleman, are thus:

1) Am I correct in believing that I won't have any problem with electricity, seeing as the plywood is non-conducting? This means I can also fasten the motherboard stand-offs directly to the plywood, correct?

2) Should I go for the Corsair H60 (as planned), or instead get an aftermarket air cooler? It can't be too big or heavy, and shouldn't make any more noise than the H60. I won't do any custom water-cooling.

3) Any idea how the airflow in this thing will be? The CPU and GPU obviously requires the best cooling. The CPU should be taken care of with the H60, while the GPU will get some cool air from the rear, while a lot of hot air will be pulled out. At first I thought about having the two 140mm fans pulling cool air in, but that would mean I wouldn't really have any exhaust fans (can't exhaust downwards with the stand-alone 120mm, especially not when there's two intake fans so close by). I can't add fans to the other walls, because then it won't be a functional drawer (not without a lot of hassle, at least).

As for now I'm pretty set on this design, I'm just uncertain about the airflow and cooling capabilities. If you guys have any idea/estimates/experiences, they would be really appreciated!

I want to get started on this project ASAP, but I have to finish this year in the Norwegian Armed Forces., so... I'll probably get to it in the summer, and I'll be back with pictures then if anyone's interested!
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