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Custom Ram Cooler

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So I want to build my own custom RAM cooler.

I have a few 80mm fans so i want to use one that will clip on to the bottom of the ram sticks and blow upward towards my top exhuast fan.

Only issue I'm having is finding clips that will work for this. Anyone have any ideas??


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do you mean "next" to the ram when the case is laying down and the mobo is flat, then "under" the ram when the case is stood up, blowing upwards ?

If so you might just get an inexpensive spot cooler (like antec) and use that, instead of attempting to clip things to your ram.
Spot Coolers are great. They keep my Ballistix quite cool and these things run hot!
Hey guys thanks for the replies sorry it toook so long for me to get back to you.

the fan would be perpendicular to the mobo at the bottom of the ram blowing straight up out the top of the case.

I thought of spot coolers but I have so many 80mm fans laying around it hought i could put one to good use
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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