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Custom router as wireless access point?

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I know next to nothing about networking and I am ready to give myself a crash course.

I just got my hands on an old dell with a 1.8 GHz Celeron and I'd like to make it into a router/awesome firewall.

I think I'll need a couple of these:

Also, right now I'm using a wireless router.

I have a spare wireless adapter, could I use that to make my custom router wireless?

And if so, for now, would it be possible to simple use it as an access point?

i.e, it wirelessly connects to my wireless router and then I have only my desktop wired to it.

This way, I can't actually permanently mess anything up while I'm learning the ropes.

EDIT: I'll be using pfsense or untangle.

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I'm pretty sure Untangle has a bridge mode. Not completely sure, as I haven't played with it for very long.
I'd like to know too, though.
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Untangle doesn't support WiFi but other routers software do.
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Coyote Firewall, FTW!
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Originally Posted by Mr Bear
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Coyote Firewall, FTW!

Isn't that just a firewall and not a router?
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been using pfsense for a while now, love it.

say your pfsense router is set to you can set your wireless router up to with dhcp off, and plug the LAN side into into your switch.

Now your wifi router will act as a wifi bridge to your pfsense router. you can still access it via to control your wireless settings and encryption.

You don't need a gigabit nic for your WAN/Internet connection side. Unless you have >100mbit/s service
-- may want to use a little better nic if you care about it... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16833106121

also, if you are using a decent machine, increase your States from 5000 if you do things like p2p or use bittorrent. easily turn a spare computer into a router that would cost >$4000 if you were to get the same features in a commercial product.
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So if I were to use pfsense and set up a bridge, would, my other computers still be able to get online via my wireless router?

I am a networking noob and I have a lot of learning to do.

I know the gigabit is overkill, but I only picked it because it was cheap. Is is really that bad?

Thanks for the help guys.
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