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Current state of the project:
Originally Posted by Alatar View Post

[Update] Step 32: Up and running again!
So actually bought a new mobo since I'm having some problems with the RMA process... not going to go into details here but let's just say that the company I'm dealing with doesn't seem to follow their own RMA policies. But anyways, I got a new mobo, built the rig again and it's working fine at the moment.
Some pics from earlier today and a few days back:
New main monitor, 2560x1440 goodness

Folding @ 4.8ghz and the evap seems to keep temps pretty well even at the higher summer ambients that we have at the moment:
I'll probably be sorting out the red led for the reservoir later today or tomorrow, so expect some extra pics pretty soon

Let me start by saying thank you for reading my thread. You taking an interest in my work is a thing that I appreciate greatly. But enough of that aye? let's get on with it.

This whole project I've just started working with started a month or two back when I started to think about watercooling. I had always wanted to build a custom loop for myself but I never did. The things that prevented me from doing so we're my case, NZXT Lexa and the thing that I was a bit scared about building a loop. Well lately I've doing some reading and I've decided that watercooling is really something that I want to try. Last week I finally decided that I was going to buy a loop. My only obstacle now was my case. This thing has horrible airflow and basically no place to put a radiator in. That's when it hit me. I'm going to build my own case. And it's going to be a tech bench. A wooden one.

Few more things I want to address are that at the moment I am a 17 years old student spending my summer vacation in my home town in Finland. The last time I worked with any kind of wood or used a more complex tool than a screwdriver was over 3 years ago in school. This is pretty much the first time I try to do something like this. Because of this I do not have the necessary tools at my disposal. So in order to do this I'm going to be travelling 20km by bike to meet my grandpa who happens to have a small garage I can work in. I'm going to be doing this every single time I want to work on this project. Sounds optimistic aye? :)

Let's start.


I want to build a custom tech bench I can use with my current sig rig.

I want to build a custom watercooling setup.

I want to spend only a small sum of money

and last but not least

I want to have fun :)


Computer parts:

CPU: i7 860
Motherboard: ASUS P7P55D
RAM: Mushkin ridgeback 1600mHz 6-8-6-24-1T
GFX card: ASUS GTX 590
PSU: Corsair AX1200
HDDs: 2x Samsung spinpoint f3 1TB + WD green 750gb


CPU block: EK Supreme HF Acetal
Rad: EK Coolstream XT 240
Pump & Res: XSPC X2O 750
Fans: 2x Coolermaster sickleflow 1850rpm 63cfm
Tubing: Masterkleer UV reactive black 19/13mm

Additional hardware:

to be added

Update list:

[Update] Step 0: Design and concept
[Update] Step 1 & 2: Getting started - first signs of progress
[Update] Step 3: Watercooling gear arrives part 1
[Update] Step 3: Watercooling gear arrives part 2
[Update] Step 4: Lots of holes
[Update] Step 5: Taking shape
[Update] Step 6: IO panel and some parts
[Update] Step 7: Drive bays
[Update] Step 8: Painting
[Update] Step 9: Assembly and leak testing part 1
[Update] Step 9: Assembly and leak testing part 2
[Update] Step 9: Assembly and leak testing part 3
[Update] Step 9: Assembly and leak testing part 4
[Update] Step 10: The first startup

NEW Updates:

[Update] Step 11: Reborn - teaser
[Update] Step 12: X79 is here
[Update] Step 13: Been nice knowing you P55
[Update] Step 14. RIVE up close & CPU installation
[Update] Step 15: Assembly and water block installation
[Update] Step 16: A hippo is born & a look into the future
[Update] Step 17: Parts and problems
[Update] Step 18: More new toys
[Update] Step 19: *drum roll*!
[Update] Step 20: Unboxed
[Update] Step 21: Installation part 1
[Update] Step 22: Installation part 2
[Update] Step 23: Installation part 3
[Update] Step 24: Up and running!
[Update] Step 25: Gummy bears!
[Update] Step 26: Getting ready to put R4E under water
[Update] Step 27: WB installation and insulation part 1
[Update] Step 28: WB installation and insulation part 2
[Update] Step 29: Tubing part 1
[Update] Step 30: Tubing part 2
[Update] Step 31: RMA time!
[Update] Step 32: Up and running again!

stay tuned for more updates

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(too graphic? genuine.)

This is where it all begins. A dead mosquito on a paper. In my school. During a test. A test that & subject that are so boring that even the teacher openly admits it. Swedish. Swedish, Course 3.

It is during these moments that the best ideas spring into my mind. So while I was busy swatting mosquitoes with my notes and maybe even passing the test I started scribbling something to my extra paper. To my surprise what I drew was a computer case, a tech bench.


(genuine first sketch)

I had already thought about building a custom watercooling loop and I started to draw more. I drew a loop and a computer to the case. At this point the test was about the end so I started doing some important Swedish grammar. But the idea about the case stuck to my head.

After the test I really started to think about building the case and buying the loop. It was going to be my holiday soon and I decided that I might as well do something else than game and browse OCN all day long for 2.5 months. I was going to build the case I had scribbled on my test.

A day or tow after, I finally had the time to start with my project and what better thing for that than Google sketchup?




In the images different parts of the case are completely out of proportions and that is not quite what the finished case will look like but it was enough for me to continue.

All I now had to do was make the arrangements that I mention in the Introduction part of my OP.

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So time for another update.

Sadly I did not have a camera during the first day of working and this is why I've decided to merge day1 and 2 updates into one.

Back to the project:

The first thing I did was go out and buy some materials since I couldn't really find any suitable parts. Looking to save as much money as I could I went ahead and bought 10€ worth of 9mm thick plywood.

After that it was time to grab the jigsaw and start cutting :)

As I said I didn't have a camera during the first day of work, but here are the images from day 2:




some of the untouched plywood with the design papers on top.


The front panel of the case waiting for sanding.


Mobo tray and one of the side panels also waiting for sanding. I was lucky enough to find a drill bit that was exactly the size of the cable management holes I had designed. Before that I had feared cutting the holes but the process was smooth in the end.


side panel again.

It'll probably be a few days before I can work with this but I hope I don't have to take a too long break :)

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So I just ordered some stuff from aquatuning.fi for 230€

Now I'll just have to wait until they get here. Might be a few days to a week I guess, but in the mean time I guess I could go and get the silver kill coil and some distilled water from local stores.

I also need to do the 5.25' drive bay slots, or at least prepare them for cutting.

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I like this idea a lot

I was thinking about doing something like this. But I use a seperate res (not res/pump combo) so I would make some kind of extending vertical section to mount the res to.

But still, I'm interested to see how this turns out

GL mate!

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Originally Posted by Dwood;13865716
yeah for the mobo. Im asking because you want to make sure you have somewhere for the end of the video card to sit into(where you mount it)
yeah I'm gonna use some normal (0.5cm maybe?) stand offs for the mobo, and for the vid card I'm going to cut a small line to the mobo tray so the PCI bracket fits. I'm also planning to re-use the IO panel/expansion slot back panel from an old case, so I have something to support the gfx card and any future expansion cards.

And thanks for the comments

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So it's been a long time since the last update but I haven't stopped working on my project. Lately I've just had some other things occupying my time, such as a week long family vacation to Norway, or getting some new furniture for my computer room. But anyways here comes an update!

I ordered my WC gear from aquatuning.fi about 3 weeks or something ago. They seemed to have some problems with the EK supreme HF but apparently it was sorted and my package was on it's way. The unfortunate thing was that I while UPS was trying to deliver the thing I was in Norway trying to enjoy my vacation. I had to call up UPS to change the location of the delivery (so I could get the package later) but the customer service was so good that they decided that since I was in Norway at the moment I would not have any reason of contacting UPS Finland. After a few hours of sorting things out I finally got everything sorted and the day after my package was delivered. I finally had it picked up yesterday.

An update is not an update without pics so here comes. 56K beware


The package itself was in a pretty good condition. After some of the UPS horror stories I've heard I was expecting something much worse but everything seemed to be okay.




The XSPC X20 750 pump/res




some fittings. Not bitspower quality but I tried to keep things on a budget here heh.


19/13mm black UV reactive Masterkleer tubing. A bit much, yes but tubing is cheap so I figured it'd just be better to buy an overkill amount.

Part 2 coming.

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Part 2

Rest of the watercooling components.












So tomorrow I'm going to continue work with the case and hopefully I'll be able to get something done. I still need to go and buy some paint, some small feet for the case and some screws but I think that almost wraps it for the purchases I need to make.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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Originally Posted by Spykerv;14117058
Omgbbq you're dezants older brother. Nice mod btw. Can you guys adopt me into your family and teach me Finnish?
It's gonna take lots of cookies and you'll have to play nice.

and thanks

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Before we start, I must apologize for taking so bad pictures. The camera I used is crappy, old and small and didn't have enough battery left for the flash... So please just ignore the bad quality in the pics, thanks

So today I got a chance to really work with my case
Let's just say she's already looking like a case after today, but before that I had to do some preparations.

I was not able to drill the holes for the power and re-start buttons in the front panel of the case before, because I got the buttons in the same package with my WC gear. But now that I have the buttons I was able to drill the holes


After that was done it was time to make some more holes. And to do some sanding.





More to come later today. I just didn't want to cram everything in one update. I'll sort some more pics and then I'll do another update.

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