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Custom WC for under $150 bucks...Possible?

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I know I know, a ton of people have posted threads like this but do you think it could be done. If so could you please list the components (preferably links from a good site where I could buy them from).
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Originally Posted by Pvt. Pritchard

well I got 10 feet of tubing from Home depot for about 3 bucks but every one of the three autoparts stores that I went to looked at me like I was a dumbass when I asked for a '77 bonneville heater core and no one could find out the size fittings of any other ones.

Dude, tell them you want it for PC watercooling. They will be so interested they will start pulling every possible heatercore out of stock they have. If they give you a bad time act like they are a moron for not knowing what you are talking about. Some guy tried to give me some attitude saying “oh wow! That’s a great idea! Just put water in your computer!†being a total sarcastic *******. I made him pull 20+ heatercores for me, then I just walked away saying nothing would work.

Just tell them you need a 77 Pontiac Bonneville heatercore without AC. When they ask you what engine size, tell them it doesn't matter.

You will have to cut off the tubing on the heatercore because one of the tubes is expanded to 3/4" from 5/8".
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