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Cutting under mobo?

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I have started cutting some cable management holes in my case and one of the holes is positioned underneath the motherboard. I was wondering if when i re-assemble my case, would this hole create any problems with the motherboard??

I am almost certain that this should not create problems but i need to be re-assured from the experts considering this is my first mod.

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From your description I would say that you have little to worry about.

If you are concerned about wiring making contact with the underside of the motherboard, then you could always tape them with electrical tape, but in my experience that has never been an issue as wires and cables are already insulated and sometimes sleeved.

If you are concerned about missing standoffs, again, you have little to worry about as not all standoffs are required.
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As long as no bare wires are touching the mobo, you're fine. And I really doubt you have any bare wires
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