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D5 Vario vs. MCP355

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I got a D5 Vario pump right now and I was wondering, how does this pump compare to the MCP355 with the XSPC top on it in terms of flow rate and dBa?

Just wondering if it would be worth selling and buying that one instead.

Or is it worth getting the XSPC or w/e brand top for the D5?
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its more about head vs. flow. the ddc has more head and the d5 has more flow. head is better for restrictive or multi block loops.

both will do great for you loop as it is only a WC loop not some crazy thing. it pretty much ends up as personal preference.
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You said that you already had the 655 so I imagine you have a res already. The 355 is quite a bit smaller than the 655 and does just as good. The 355 runs fairly hot on its bottom. I used to have the 655(well still do) and love the 355 because of its size. No issues with mine at all. The two are equally loud/quiet.
I have to touch my d5 to make sure it's running. so quite...
D5 has more head and DDC3.2 has greater pressure. Pumps like the DDC3.2 are better for restrictive blocks like the EK Supreme while D5 will be able to pump water better through multiple component loops. Since OCN is moving towards Disney rated postings, I will refrain from my usual explicit but fun innuendos.
i went with DDC3.2w/xspc restop with GTZ and gtx 360

don't what kind of performance i will get, hopefully good
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