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D955 3.2ghz EE temps

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Just got my hands on one of these and dropped it in my p5w dh deluxe, and mounted an arctic cooling freezer pro on it. Darned thing is at 53c idle in bios. Is this normal? What can I expect under full load? Thanks.
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Seems hot my pd 945 [email protected] 4400 only hits 56-59c full load and idles 35-40c. But in my bios my temps are about 47-49c so might not be as bad in windows. But not alot of overclocking probly unless temps don't scale fast.
My D945 @ 4.51ghz idles at 41c and loads at 53c.

It's also cooled by a Tuniq Tower 120.
Ok, thank you both. Obviously there is some kind of issue here. I haven't loaded windows yet, just jumped to the hardware monitor in bios to check stuff out and I was iddling at 53c, what the hey?
I think the IHS on the Ds are generally out of shape, lots of them have temp problems. Maybe you could lap the little fella and see if that helps. It helped me. I had mine idling at 60c+ in the BIOS and pulled it down to mid 40s.
heck mines lapped and it still idles pretty high but i am talking the idle temp for 4400mhz not the stock 3400 at stock its 38c or somthing in bios. For my overclock im sending around 1.35-1.45 after the droop to the cpu I dont even remmber the stock vcore off top of my head i know the lowest value my motherboard has is like 1.18.
I'm going to try and reseat this hs tonight and use a little more tim than my usual dot (I would try lapping but don't want to go there yet).

Kind of excited about this cpu as I've never had my hands on an es or ee before. I think that the max multi in bios is like 60.
mine is 36 idle 44 stressed with scythe infinity
pentium D950 btw
Ok, reseated, reapplied, etc. Now at about 43-44c idle. Very strange that it would idle this high. I let it run overnight and will stress today at some point.

Another wierd thing is that now when I restart it shuts down, then power supply does its' thing and powers everything back up but doesn't POST until you hold power button, manually shut down wait a few seconds and hit the power button again. This also happens when you hit the reset button. Real strange, anyone have a clue (by the way, I can't tell if there are any beeps, using in a p180, it didn't come with internal speaker and I don't have one anywhere. I thought I had a test light somewhere but no luck there either)?
Shouldnt it be normal for a pd to run hot, arent they basically just 2 prescotts in a 1 chip? Prescotts run very hot.
Pentium D 9xx are not the prescotts, they're two cedarmills on one die. They don't run nearly as hot, partly because they're 65nm as opposed to the 90nm furnace that is a prescott GO PENTIUM D 8xx WARM MY HOUSEHOLD!
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