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[DailyTech] Next Gen Indilinx SATA 6Gbps SSD Controller Delayed

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Originally Posted by DailyTech
Indilinx has been working on its next generation Jet Stream controller featuring 6Gbps SATA and DDR NAND support for over a year. The new controller is supposedly being designed for a 65nm process, and can be used for SSDs as large as 1TB.

DailyTech has learned from several industry sources that the new controller will begin sampling in the first quarter of 2010; though it was supposed to be sampling already. The first production batch of SSDs using the new controller likely won't be ready until the second quarter.
Source: Indilinx's Next Generation "Jet Stream" 6Gbps SATA SSD Controller Delayed

This isn't the best news, however, the 1 quarter delay isn't too long. With the micron/intel partnership producing a SATA III controller, which is already out for sampling (according to DailyTech), we should have 2 new SSD choices come Q2 2010. Hopefully, we will finally see NAND prices drop in the coming months in order to lower SSD prices to a more manageable level.
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Originally Posted by Tator Tot
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I'd rather them have a delay to get all the bugs ironed out so we don't have issues like with the Jmicron controllers.

To be honest, that was more lack of knowledge.

Should be great.
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