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Damn 115v Fans

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So a friend of mine picked up a huge lot of 120x38mm fans. I figured I would check them out and it turns out they are 115v. The specs on them aren't great, 56cfm and 33.9dBA. At least he got the wire shrouds with them that can probably be sold off on ebay.

Does anyone know what these could be used for besides modding into a computer case with an extension cord?
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Fanning anything else that needs cooling (i.e. TV, stereo equipment)?

I hope it is 115v AC, right?
I found a 120v fan at work and they let me take it home. It is about 160x60 and could easily take a finger off. I use it to dry paint and adhesives when I mod cases!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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