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Damn I/O Panel

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I just got my chenming 601... I'm trying to install the DFI LP UT NF3 250GB but I have a problem. The case has the I/O backpanel plate already... and obviously its nto compatible with the DFI... but IT WONT COME OUT!!!! *** is up with that... help.. how do i get it out... and then how do I properly moutn the next one... I usually just stick have the mobo keep it in place...
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Originally Posted by ThE_GeNeRaL

it should just pop out then just push he new one in or is it screwed in there

yup... in my other case they never fit so i wasn't used to this... it was just stuck in very very very very tight... it flew across the room when i popped it out.. and thank god for the edges being slightly sanded... it scraped me... if it had been sharp i fear id be on the way to UMC...

time to mount my lanparty
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