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This project has been going on for a few months now, it is not complete yet but getting close. There will be 3 more posts following this one. This is the mod that sidetracked me from my current project, So in all rights this should be my second mod, but I have more completed than mine.

Hope you all enjoy.

This is the original case that was bought over 6 years ago, It didn't look like this when it arrived with expert handling by ups. the whole face was broken off, so it wasn't used on my main computer, stuck an old emachine in. This ended up turning into the family room computer where my son Dante took it over as his own.

This project was going to be nothing more than a window and wire management, but of course it evolved.

This was going to be one of the two things I was going to do. Not bad for my first window. Had to do it with a nibbler, that is all I had at the time. (rebuilding my tools, story for a different time)

This is the cheap power supply that came in the case. Of course it was gray, and I forgot to take pictures before I painted it. Of course I wasn't going to paint it and just sleeve it for looks. I know some people will say "WHY, even bother with that junk?" but I like sleeving, its good for my brain, plus I wanted it to look nice, I cannot stand the look of multiple colored wires.

I did get a picture of me working on it. I bought the connectors off ebay for .01, that's right 1 penny. It came with sleeving, this is the worst sleeving ever, but hey for what I paid for it I cant complain. I had to double sleeve everything and it actually came out pretty well.

This is only the 2nd time I sleeved a PSU. Looks pretty good.

These aren't the stuff that came with the connectors. Still working on the heat-shrink trying to get them all lined up. Pretty close. Yes that zip tie will be removed later,

Cut in for new 80mm fan in top. (couldn't fit any bigger with power supply and drive bays)

This is what the front panel looked like before anything done. Except I was playing around with some screening to see what it looked like....didn't go with it of course.

This is the front panel before I decided to cut it up.

This is the panel after cutting it away and acrylic arrived.

Here is the case strip down waiting for cut-outs, sanding and painting. There was only one intake fan which was an 80mm on the side, and a 80mm exhaust on the back.

Here is the back with the old 80mm fan hole.

Here is the new 92mm exhaust fan. There will be a new acrylic cover to go over that location also.

Here is the front where all that was there where the small grills no fans. A 120mm will be going in the front. Wont fit in in front of the cage, so it will go in front of the case.

Here it is outside drying after painting and clear coat,

Here is the motherboard tray and exhaust fan blades getting some loving. Color not showing right for some reason. I have a horrid camera, make due with what you have.

Here is what it looks like sitting there.

Here is the tray amd power suppply in. Just wanted to see how it looked together for colors. For some reason I left the sticker on the power supply (actually thought it would be on the other side) So of course I will be pulling that off and repainting.

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Laid out for the buttons to be moved to the top instead of the front. I decided to leave out the reset button (left room for it in the center if really needed) and just move the power button the the DVD eject button to the top.

This is the 80mm fan in the top, biggest I could fit in there. Sanded down and painted the grill for some more color.

Getting ready to prime for new flame design I wanted to put on...but alas, the paint started to lift and no amount od wet sanding would save me. (at least as much as I know.)

So I sanded it down to bare metal.

Just another shot.

I forgot to take a picture of it primed, I was happy it did not lift this time. So I spray out the flame design,

I primed under this first, then sprayed numerous coats. I made another template to cover it when I put some coats of black on. Im still learning painting, not having done any of this before.

The front panel ready to be painted...so I thought. I started painting using Krylon Fusion for plastic, and of course it started bubbling up. I figured I must have missed some degreaser somewhere on it. So I sanded it down again and repainted. I will have shots next update as it was getting dark and I forgot again about the pictures. All I can say is it looks better than gray and black.

This is going to be a small panel for the back to cover up where I cut out for the larger fan and the old punch outs. I have started it already, but doing lots of filing since I didn't have a hole saw and had to use a rotary tool. More on this next update.

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This is the layout for the top panel. Still a learning process as I go, trying to figure out the best way to do things.

Once I cut it out, I laid it over the top panel which I already painted the flame design which had over spray. I cut out the smaller flame from this,

This was what it was like before finishing the painting of the top panel.

Better view, can see the over-spray everywhere on the top panel.

Here it is after finishing the black coats and before clear coat.

Removed the painters tape, still had some issues with paint being pulled up. Luckily this is my test subject and I am learning alot, might be the right way, but I am still learning from it.

Once dried, test fitted the buttons. Little sanding and the fit perfect.

Painted the buttons. One for power and one for the DVD.

I think it it came out pretty good, Just waiting on the buttons to dry.

This is the Red Led fan foing in the top. I really did not want to see the sticker,

So I removed the old one and made my own,

Here is the power supply cover that had the sticker on it. I figured I would give it some color, even though you wont see it once it closed. But I like it.

Here it is back together again.

Here is the frame of the front panel, I decided to add some 3mm LEDs to it. Give it small small lighting coming out the sides.

Drilling out the holes, worried I am going to snap it at some point. But success, all down. It bothered me looking at it and seeing the gray holes. So I decided to paint it again.

Painted, but of course there is always problems.

It started lifting...I really suck at painting. Oh well back to wet sanding. It actually came out well after sanding and painting. I will have one later in next update,

Soldering up the LEDS for the front, four on each side. Just waiting on some resistors I didn't have to finish.

The front fan grill for the 120mm fan. Of course this cannot stay chrome, So I sanded it down, and got ready to paint it.

This is where it will go once complete.

Here it is primed and painted.

Finishing laying out where DVD will go and where the led will go in front for power led.

Just a quick look at the back, still working on it.

Here is the side panel. Decided to add more. For something that was supose to be so simple, it keeps growing and growing.

Here is a closer look. Primed the panel, the laid out the design.

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Here is the DVD Drive, I ran new wire to get rid of the button on the front of it.

Ran the wire out the back so I can connect it to the button installed on top of the case.

Trying a new method of painting. I used stencil paper from a craft shop, cut out my design on that. Applied some adhesives and stuck it on. This work out the best for me. No over spray whatsoever on this side.

Here is the other side before finally clear coat. Pretty shiny.

So the front panel is basically all done. You can barely see where the DVD Player is. Needs a little more sanding, and it will be good to go. There are some 3mm red leds behind the acrylic, on the sides of the front panel. Not going to shine through, just give it some accent lighting. The skull has red led eyes that will be attached to the power led on the motherboard.

If you remember from the beginner, it started out with a semi red acrylic window, but it looked orange when on. Luckily I still had some left over from my Haf window.

Here is a close up...crappy camera. The power and dvd eject button.

Here is a better picture of the top.

The final pic of the side panel.

Here is the back panel. The switches are for the feet lights, the front lights, and the inside lights. Yes the IO Panel is upside down, just threw it in without thinking.

Here is a full view pic. And of course, there is my upside down IO panel which is correct now.

Well here it is, I am hoping to finish it soon, but this time I have to finish my current project before I can go back to it.

Any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know.

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Very Nice.

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Originally Posted by shnur
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Heh! That's pretty nice mod... I never got my case finished... it's still dismantled & sitting in a corner getting dust on it. Looking forward more awesome mods from you

Thanks alot Shnur, I appreciate it. I still have three more to go in the house once these two are done. So more to come, hopefully good

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Cool looking mod! I've always wanted to do the remote-switch for the optical drive mod but have yet to do it.
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