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Dark Messiah

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This game is seriously under rated.

The voice acting on this game is superb. The story is really good awesome you can choose important decisions at certain points in the game which bend the story(eg, save someone or not, destroy something/someone or not). You get quite connected with a few of these characters so choose carefully
Combat in this game is top notch, as you kill bosses, explore places or whatever, you gain skill points which you can put in a skill tree (a bit like WoW) it's a really good system. I'm a sneaky person with daggers =] I might even play it through again as a mage or something. The game itself is not that linear. In one part you might be trying to find a way to sneak into a base, or another part you may be chasing ghouls along rooftops (quite epic) or another part trying to lure a massive dragon into a trap. For the majority of this game you have this female guardian inside of you who every now and then mutters sexual slurs

The downsides of this game that I can think of right now is that the AI isn't that bright. But it's not game breaking tbh. Combat can be pretty hard up until you get a few skill points. That's about it I think... Can't think that hard right now I woke up not long ago

If you're looking for an awesome single player experience (it has multi-player but I've not tried it yet) then get it! It's really cheap on Steam. I was playing it all day yesterday and I still aint completed it yet (got a feeling I'm close though).

Sorry if my grammar sucks.. I'm not good at typing long paragraphs ¬_¬
I just wanted to express how awesome this game is and whoever doesn't have it must get it! Or at least download the demo.
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Nice Review, been considering getting this game since I first heard of it.
its old but i've always heard good things about it
I was looking through my steam games and saw this and I installed it. I get terrible fps with my sig rig. I have no idea why and I even tried turning off AA and AF and still got 20 - 30 fps.
Good game, and multi was great
. I remember beta testing for this with my buddies, good fun.
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I've only played the demo of it from steam, wasn't a bad game at all. I actually have an OEM copy that I've never played, its actually for sale.
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