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here over the course of the next few weeks i will be rebuilding and restyling my sig rig Das geist. its going to be a very long and difficult process that will contain all of the following...

new blue led power and hdd leds
striping of the powder coat on my haf 912 case
flat grey primer exterior base coat
high heat flat black interior base coat
re-tapping all screw holes to 8-32 and 10-24 for that machine shop look
3 layer aircraft grey final coat on exterior
3 layer clear coat on interior
hand painted decals and nose cone style pin-up girls (1940's)
paint all mesh flat aircraft grey
reinstall all mesh and brackets as well as front bezel and top bezel
re-install all components and clean up everything
re-rout all wiring
re-rout all tubing
remount radiator and reservoir

possibly repaint the shroud on my h50 pump im sick of the stupid corsair logo i may just go all black or hammered brass i havent decided yet

first series of photos all paint sanded down and first and second base coats on main case done



base coat on one side panel


main case and grills finished






fully assembled new screw sizes all tapped and case re-organized



mounted radiator sideways on the top most 120mm fan port and saw a 4c temp drop


started pin up girl finished base coats and basic shading


added some highlights and shading and added a custom playing card and some accents



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Originally Posted by Philistine;13057782
Now thats a to do list.
yes it is ive been putting it off for a while now and finally i broke down and decided to do it since me and the lady arent getting along to well right now. so i figure what better time than now to do it and relive some stress and tension and keep from getting angry and saying stuff i may regret later i call it awesome art/metal fabrication/computer mod therapy

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Originally Posted by LolXDFace
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Wow, that PSU looks very Tron-like!

its kind of neat id of rather gotten the Corsair Professional Series HX750W Power supply but at the time it was 160 at frys and i picked up the apevia warlock power at microcenter for 100 flat plus tax. so far so good it has 1 year of good standing running high voltages and overclocks on ram/cpu/gpu/nb and ht.

i cant complain
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