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Data Recover Possible?

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Someone gave me a hard drive to take pictures off of it, but I think it is corrupt. First, I tried to boot form it and it was just a blinky underscore. Then, I just booted up from my normal hard drive in Windows XP, and It said E:/ is unreadable or corrupt. Is there anything I can do? It shows it having 0 KB free space and 0 KB used. I even tried it in Puppy Linux and it said it could not mount it. It's a SATA 120GB hard drive. This drive will still run fine if I format it right?
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Erm, if it's corrupted your data is probably lost. Unless there's a physical defect with the HDD, a reformat of the disk will allow you to use it for other means.
Yea sounds corrupt alright. Maybe trying boot in safe mode if you haven't already and then trying some kind of boot diagnostics. You wouldn't happen to have an IDE to Sata adapter plugged in would ya? I only ask cuz thats what that used to happy to me, blinking underscore and all....good luck.
Unless it's physically damaged, there is a good chance that commonly available recovery software can get data off it.
Once I created a 5 drive raid 5 array and I got mixed up in my drives and used one containing most of my movies.
I had only created a 200GB short stroked array but I was really kicking myself for that stupid mistake.
I broke the array, created a partition on that single drive and quick formated it to NTFS.
Then I used some file recovery program which retreived about 80% of what was on there. I think it wasn't able to retrieve the data that was on the shortstroked array part.
Since the MBR was screwed, I lost all the filenames, so I ended up having to rename everything again.

Can't remember the name of that program, I'll dig a little and let you know if I find it.

EDIT: it was GetData's Recover My Files
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