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I didn't see a thread on this so here it is. Day of Infamy is 2017's premier WWII multiplayer shooter and the finest, most developed CQB WWII multiplayer shooter I've ever played. No black female Nazis in this WWII game as it has no SJW agenda and wants to be fundamentally historically accurate. Infantry only, classed based gameplay with limitations on number of players per class on each team (save for rifleman), both PvP and Co-op with the following game modes.

  • Stronghold: Player team must capture every objective point. Objective completion is what triggers respawns.
  • Raid: Like Stronghold except the objectives vary from destroying anti-air units or fuel dumps to assassinating officers to capturing points.
  • Entrenchment: Hold the line at all costs. Player team defends against waves of enemies. A player must fall back to a respawn point to trigger respawns.
  • Offensive: One team vs attackers who must capture points on the map, one team of defenders. Attackers respawn on timed waves, while a defender must fall back to trigger respawns. Almost the same as Territory/Territories in Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam respectively.
  • Frontline: One team wins when all points on the map are captured or when time runs out, at which point the team who holds more points wins.
  • Liberation: One team must liberate an area by capturing all points.
  • Invasion: Like Offensive, except capturing objectives is what triggers respawns for the attackers (opposed to just timed reinforcement waves).
  • Firefight: The team that captures all objectives or wipes out the opposing team wins. Respawns triggered by objective capture.
  • Sabotage: One team must defend anti-air and fuel units in the area, the other must destroy them to win.
In addition, the developers plan on adding more game modes in the future.

Day of Infamy's emphasis is on somewhat realistic, hardcore gameplay. Not as realistic or hardcore as Rising Storm and Red Orchestra series nor Arma series nor Squad. It is much more "accessible" and noob friendly than those especially due to the presence of co-op. Notable gameplay features:
  • Class based gameplay with limitations on amount of players per class (except for Rifleman). Much like the Rising Storm/Red Orchestra series.
  • Team Commander class must partner up with a Radioman (another class) to call for air support.
  • Flamethrowers.
  • Aiming deadzone when not aiming down a gun's sights (which means your fire is not directed toward the center of the screen when not aiming).
  • Deployable bi-pods.
  • Picture-in-picture scopes.
Day of Infamy began as a total conversion mod for Insurgency before expanding and becoming its own game. It plays very similarly to Insurgency, think Insurgency in WWII with everything updated for the setting accordingly. The game uses Source engine (2013 I'm guessing) and is fully moddable. Steam Workshop link. Dedicated server hosting is the same as Insurgency except the app ID needs to be changed of course (tutorial).

Total conversion mods exist already, including Born to Kill: Vietnam ported over from Insurgency. Unlike Day of Infamy however, there are no plans to turn Born to Kill: Vietnam into its own game.

This is a Steamworks game and the price is only $20, and it's currently 40% off due to the Steam summer sale. Can't beat that value for a best in class, fully moddable game that is already akin to multiple games in one due to total conversions like Born to Kill: Vietnam. Steam store link.

Gameplay footage (unedited):

This is the best support gunner footage I've captured in any game.

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I picked this up last weekend while it was on sale.

Only played about an hour worth but I can see the appeal. Definitely more game included than I would have expected which is nice.

Kinda reminds me of Red Orchestra multiplayer mixed with Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer.
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