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DD-WRT on my access point?

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I have a wap54G v3.1 access point. I want to see if DD-WRT will boost my signal.


Do I just load the first micro generic bin file in my webgui?

If so whats the second one for?
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One is a service pack, the second is a beta.

Yes, just follow their instructions and you'll be fine.
DD-WRT will boost your signal, but only turn it up as much as you need. With the tx mw too high, 2 things will happen. Your router will run hotter and your signal will be 'dirty'. 100 is said to be the absolute safe max even though it goes up to 251. Mine works excellent on the default 71mw.

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Do I just load the first micro generic bin file in my webgui?

You might want to Google your model number and DD-WRT to see what steps are needed. I had a WRT54G and a few steps needed to be done to prep it before DD-WRT could be installed.
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