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DDR2 Patriot Viper running in Single channel?

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Details in my sig rig, for some reason my ram is running in single channel. Both my sticks are in the first and second slots.
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try running them in the red slot @ 2.05v with auto timings. also you might be referring to unganged mode which is still dual channel but running 2 x 64bit memory channels as opposed to 1 x 128bit memory channel. there has been a lot of debate which is best to run.
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souldn't you be in the first and third slots?
Check to make sure that the RAM is in the same COLOUR socket. I had this same problem, I switched the RAM socket to a different colour socket, and it worked perfectly.
They are in their respective colored slots. It runs in unganged mode, its the frist time i ever say this.
in your bios memory options you should be able to set it for ganged mode.
his mobo is pretty much the same as mine. actually the system is pretty similiar lol. depending on which bios revision you have, the option of unganged - 2 x 64bit dual channel or ganged - 1 x 128bit channel vanishes lol. and you have to have your ram in either the 2x yellow or the 2x red slots.
Single/Duel Channel is soley based on which Dimm's you are using. using 1 and 3 or 2 and 4. Ganged vs. Unganged is based on 1x128bit lane or 2x64bit lanes. Both requiring duel channel I believe.
gigabyte boards are different, they have 2 diff colored slots and for dual channel you need to populate both slots of corresponding colors.
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