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DDR3 - £112/OCZ/1.8GHz vs £160/CrsrDom/1.6GHz

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Just noticed this:

OCZ 6GB 1800MHz DDR3
£112: 1.65v - 8-8-8-26 - 1800MHz

Corsair 6GB DDR3 Dominator 1600MHz
£160: 1.65v - 8-8-8-24 -1600MHz

I bought the corsair set 3 weeks ago for £180 and if i waited i could have saved £70 and got faster stuff. :swearing:

Please tell me the Dominators are somehow better than those OCZ ones. Faster TRAS by 2, is that it? :s

AND my graphics card went down in price by £36 and my HDD went down by £5, so my system went down in price by £61 in 3 weeks! :swearing:
-The worst part is that i was strongly thinking of waiting a month before i bought it. :swearing:

Should i sell (try) my current ram for £130 and get the OCZ RAM, i would gain £15 and get better RAM...
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The market is like a bathtub shape. When something comes out it is ridiculously overpriced, but as time goes on they hit the first curve of this bathtub shape and flatten out we are seeing the flattening. On another note as the tech becomes less mainstream i.e. DDR the price goes up due to scarcity and lack of production. All of this is simple macro economics.
If old stuff didnt go up in price I bet theyd sell more cuz people will turn away their old rigs because for example the DDR ram it needs to run is now more than DDR2.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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