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ddr3 1800

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So I have 2x1gb ddr3 AMPX 1800mhz ram. I have it running at 1800, timings at 8 8 8 24, at 1.9 volts.

Is it worth it for just 2 gigs, or would I be better off selling these, and buying 4 gigs of slower ddr3.

This computer is for 100% gaming, as I have a macbook for surfing/work.

Thanks OC
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Actually.... I read an article over at XS in regards to this exact same question. It turns out that with the AMD 790 chipsets, you can see slightly better results with lower speed DDR3 RAM with tigher timings. It was very in depth and it turned out showing that DDR3 1333 at 5-5-5-24 or 6-6-6-24 actually does beat out DDR3 RAM at 1600 with 7-7-7-24 timings. In all honesty though, if you are not noticing any issues with only 2GB of RAM, I would just stick with what you got. If it comes to the point where you absolutely need 4GB then sell them and get some lower clocked, tighter timings RAM.

The OCZ ram that I have is rated at 1600MHz with 7-7-7-24 timings but I was able to set them to 1333MHz with 6-6-6-20-1T timings. Mine aren't the low voltage kits though.
It really depends on the application you are running. The article on XS is posted by Tony from OCZ. His basic conclusion for AMD Phenom II memory overclocking is: low timings with low speeds and high NB clocks. Reason is that the NB clocks control the speed that your memory runs at. I am running DDR3 1414 at CL5. If I try to max out the speed for CL5 ~1500 I see slight boost in memory speeds (using Everest Benchmark). When I change NB freq higher by 100mhz I get a better gain in performance.

Of course you still have to follow the golden rule of performance. CPU clocks > NB clocks > DIMM clocks.
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