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ddr3 duel channel running on i7 mobo

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can i do that?
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Yes, but you lose performance. How much performance? some-what noticeable.
Yep, not an issue at all.
it is ocz platinum 1.9v you sure?
what CPUs are supposed to run the low voltage 1.65v ram?

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it is ocz platinum 1.9v you sure?
1.9v will probably not work. if it was low voltage ram it would though.
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but ill try to run it on 1.65 volt and the normal 1600mhz it will be 800 and it is only temproraly max 2 weeks.
it will run in dual channel mode, if you can find an extra stick, then slap it in and run tri
I ran my OCZ 1.9 Volt PC12800 Dual channel kit on my i7 whilst my other ram was on RMA - No issues. Had to loosen the timings a bit to run 1600 at 1.65 Volts that was all.
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