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ddrr2 800mhz overclocked to 1066 5 5 5 15 2.2v

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ok so im geting a new motherboard and ram on friday, and i didnt want to mess my 8 gigs of ram up to much before, i decided to take 4gigs of ram(since i heard 4 is easiar to keep stable then 8 at oc'n), and im gunna overclock this mofo as much as possible, right now my pc has watercooling and i have a warehouse fan from homedepot blowing on it from the side(this thing blows like a ****ing rocket

so anyway what voltages and stuff should i use to try and pump these 800mhz to 1200 and what clock settings do u recommend, someone lemme know what they think
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anyone awake lemme know lemme know lol, well ima just keep creeping the settings up higher slowly, and then play wow to push it a little
or maybe some crysis
If you wana push to the max and don't care if the ram goes then i suggest relaxing your cas really high, set it to whatever you want the start tightening the timings till you can't anymore. 2.3v should be fine to check highest mhz then back down the voltage once you got mhz and timings sorted.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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