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Dead Striker Extreme

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I have a dead Asus Striker Extreme. A friend gave it to me, saying it was dead, and if I could bring it back to life, I could have it. I couldn't. All the lights come on, but they come on as SOON as you plug in the 24-pin PSU connector. I have 2 questions: 1. Is there any way to bring it back to life?(RMA is out of the question, because the BIOS chip was replaced 2. If not, what should I do with all the cool copper?
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Look for damaged components such as blown capacitors (they leak and have popped top), voltage regulators and diodes which can all be tested with a multimeter. Check also for yellowish spots on the backside to see components which my have overheated and lastly verify for broken traces and contacts that might have been unsoldered.

I have recovered over 3 boards in the past only by replacing capacitors and soldering wires to broken traces.

Good Luck
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