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Debating a computer table build

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I have been debating buying a new desk, but where would the fun of that be?? So i was wondering what type of wood be good for a desk. Your pics are great inspiration pieces, too


The wood should be able to hold some desktop towers, so i was thinking 1" easily
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I just had the same idea. I was looking at desk prices, when it dawned on me that I could build *exactly* what I need, for less money. When we get sent to work from home (soon I hope) I want to be able to have everything perfect. Plus then I wont feel bad when I build a mini-itx system into the desk for a websurfing/IM box
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I have oak wood desk and it is a strong/hard wood. Really good. I recently stained it and it came out really nice.

You'll enjoy building it yourself. Store bought desks are way too expensive for the quality you get.
thinking of what would be a good protective finish, something like a clear coat other than a stain.
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