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debating on new fans.. again...

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So a couple weeks ago I was asking which silverstone fan would be the best for a megahalem only to get buried in different fan recommendations. In the end I ordered a silverstone FM122 and a delta AFB1212D. The Silverstone was DOA so I can't really say if it was good or not, and the Delta makes a horrible squeaking sound that gives me a headache and makes my dog leave the room. Both will be on their way back tomorrow so I need new fans again.

Based on the guides, reviews, suggestions, and other "which fan" threads, I've decided on Scythe S-flex but have 1 question. Are the Thermalright Whisper Quiet fans just a S-flex rebrand? The 1600rpm model from both companies have the exact same dB/cfm rating and both have a FDB. (even the blade design looks the same) The only difference I can see is that Thermalright offers each fan with slightly different rpms.

My thought was to do a 63cfm push/pull because with the recent 46dba delta fan, I learned to appreciate a quiet computer more than all out performance. Any thoughts on the Thermalrights? Also I can't decide if the 75cfm versions would be better or not? I might even do water cooling in the future but I want a good fan to hold me over till when/if I do.
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It may very well be a rebrand of the S-Flex F, I hadn't heard that before. Just a single S-Flex/TR will be fine for what you want, no need for push-pull unless you want it really nice and chill over 4GHz.
I'm probably going to be overclocking to somewhere in the mid 3GHz range which is why I thought the 63cfm push/pull would be a good idea but I guess for the extra money it isn.t worth it. Thanks for the info, I'm trying to dig around and see if there is any info on the Thermalrights.
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