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Decided: 3.5g Tube of MX-2

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What's that you say? They don't make 3.5g tubes of MX-2... they don't.
This freebie is for 3.5g of MX-2 that has been put into an empty (and thoroughly cleaned) AS5 tube.

Before you crap your pants, you're getting the small tube filled with what's in the big tube.

I've kept this MX-2 stored in a fridge since I bought it.

Have greater than or equal to the number of posts or rep than I do. More posts will work, more rep will work, both is better.
I'd like to see this go to someone who deserves it or needs it, not someone who's just in it for the freebie.
Shipping is free to Canadians, internationals pay shipping.

Post your name, and what you're going to use it for to enter. I'll either give it to whoever has the worthiest cause, or randomize it I don't know yet.

Oooo pretty.

EDIT: Ends Sunday March 8th
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I just ordered some TC Consultants 0098 Grease...

I want this to compare it to the TC Grease and the OCZ Freeze I'm currently using.

I'd even be willing to write up a review afterwards. =)

OMG count me in. I'm an AC-MX2 fan boy.

Will keep it in storage, until another build comes my way and apply it while listening to Nessun Dorma. I swear to MX-2. MX-1 was my paste of choice until they stopped it.
Andr3az is in..

Why I need it? I bought some random cheapo paste and because of that my CPU gets to 70C on load.
I just ran out of OCZ Freeze, and as of right now, I have absolutely no time to go out and buy some new TIM... please enter me
I have used AS5 on mine and my temps have been a little poor. I would like to try a different compound so count me in.
I would use it for overclocking my cpu (in sig) to the max with the stock fan and then OC it to the max with a new heatsink when i get one
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DUDE You Tube HAXOR.. Count me in! I still use stock thermal paste.. OCZ Freeze. I've always wanted to try the MX-2 paste, but didn't wanna shell out the big bucks to get it in the huge tube I would never use all of!

My name is David, I'll use the MX-2 on my folding rig, more specific the CPU and the GPU's.
Count me in fellow Canuck!

I'm looking to WC my GTX295 and I'll have to replace every chip's paste :0
If it turns out I can't afford the block, I'd redo the paste on some friends rigs and try to get 'em overclockin'.

I'm still on year old stock cooling. Any form of new paste would roflstomp my current temps. I hope I win
I want to replace the stock stuff on my north bridge and reseat my dad's heatsink (his rig shuts down on him and he has the stock P4 heatsink).
Need to fix up the paste on my heatsink (and my friends heatsink has some [actually a lot] crappy gray stuff)
I would reset my CPU you with this and try for a higher overclock. In the not so distant future I will be building a computer again and I would likely use this.
Ran out of my MX-2 couple of weeks ago. I'm in!
I have no more TIM.
I'm running mine and my sisters CPU's on the tim that has been transferred and mixed multiple times
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