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As the thread suggests I am thinking about getting a dedicated PhysX card alongside my 7970 using the "hack" or whatever.

Knowing most games don't support PhysX or have it well implemented etc. I still have a few games I play that use it but there is more...
I use After Effects / Sony Vegas Pro a lot and it is my understanding that AMD cards work a lot better on SVP for OpenCL Rendering and playback quality while some Nvidia cards can't even get CUDA processing to work well or at all. That's good news to me since I use Sony Vegas more than anything; but Adobe programs require a Nvidia card for acceleration such as doing AE effects. So would I be able to use my 7970 as a primary graphics card while having the Nvidia card be not only a dedicated PhysX card but accelerate After Effects/other Nvidia Exclusive programs as well? If so which card should I get? I don't wanna spend TOO much since it is just a secondary card and wont help my fps in games or anything.. Essentially just a workhorse card to take some load off the CPU for animating effects that a ATI card can't and provide PhysX in games.

^Sorry if that doesn't make sense. Thank you very much for your time! Have an awesome day.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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