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Default local disk permissions

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The permissions for my local disk(C) have been changed and I need to know what the defaults are. The user name that the permissions were changed on is Users (computer name\\users). I am the only user and I am labeled as 'Administrator' in the User Accounts window. I am running Vista Ultimate SP1 x64.

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First off, what have they been changed to? Users should be the group of all the users, not a specific user.
My users group only has my user name as it is the PC's only user. Someone else that used the system told me he changed the permissions after he had a problem with a program. All permissions are set to allow...same as with the admin group.

Since I have heard of people getting 'undesired results' from doing this, I figured I'd find out what the default permissions are for the users group before I do anything with my system. The settings were changed through the security tab/edit button from within the local disk (C) properties.
All I'm really asking is for someone with vista, whom has not changed their permissions, to: open their computer window, right-click on their OS drive, click properties, click on the security tab, click Edit, highlight their 'Users' group and list which permissions are checked 'Allow'.

I would really appreciate it...thanks!

Edit: Are the permissions read & execute, list folder contents, and read the only ones checked allow and the rest unchecked?
Thank you.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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