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defective and now its out of stock!!!

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alright well my Asus A8n32 was shipped defective and now I have to RMA it back to newegg.com well I checked there website and here the A8N32 is out of stock so I might be looking at another mobo.

any suggestions?

I think I will go with DFI but what is the difference between SLI-DR | SLI-D | UT NF4 SLI??????
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Try to RMA it with ASUS, but you'll have better luck with NewEgg. I would think if you had to RMA the board at Newegg, by the time you have it sent back and they receive it, process it, they should have some in stock by the time they were to ship it back. If they dont it'll take 2 mroe days.

RMA's suck to begin with but they wont do anything until they receive that board even if it's a Return Credit. Take your chances with them getting some in stock before you jump ship to a different board

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yeah, send it back to newegg and if they have it in stock when they get it then they'll send you a new one... if they don't then just get the dfi expert board. it tends to oc better anyway
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