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Defragging HDD & Memory

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I just did my first system defrag and it looks pretty to see no red and all blue (contiguous) files in the after report. It may also be in my head, but it seems my PC (which is less than, what, three weeks old?) is running better! I only used 17% of my HDD space (20 GB or so), so I think that's pretty good.

Anyway, I've heard of a program called Diskkeeper that works better than defrag, as well as memory defragging.

1. Is Diskkeeper really better, and why? Should I get it?

2. What is memory defragging, and is it as important as regular defragging?
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make sure you defrag your hd's at least once a month, or after a huge download or program install...only takes a couple minutes and it makes sure your files are kept in order and running efficiently
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