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ERrr.... useless without differentials of entire systems...... You have to compare identical systems except for one different part. Plus you need to find the power draw of a known component to reference.

Or.... you have a clamp ammeter, know the voltage, and able to isolate all the power lines.

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that's why it's broken down into separate manufacturers.

I want to know power draw of a FULL rig while folding.

Then why do you need this: "- listed for individual CPU's, as all CPUs draw different amounts of power."?

GPU power consumption is more important now.
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unfortanly i cant go with this just broken down in terms of intel/amd and nvidia/ati..... as differant fans,HDDs, optical drives, etc, etc. all draw differant amounts of power. and some of my rigs pull double duty as lan servers and are being accessed at random times during the day for whatever reason there for increasing power draw.... there are just way to many options to consider for this.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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