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Dell 8100 Beeps twice when startup?

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Ok i am working on this Dell 8100,

And when i push the power button it starts to beep, then it grduates to a twice beep then stopps then twice beeps again it will do this till i turn it off.
Now i have taken out every component, and made sure it was i correctly, i have tested the psu, What else could it be?

Can some one help me with this please?
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Sounds like a RAM issue to me. If you have multiple sticks, try 1 at a time. You could also try other slots just in case.
Agree with Dobie on the posiblity of a RAM problem.
But the indications you discribe are also classic
symptoms of unstable power. Wondering how you
tested your power supply.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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