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Dell Dimension 3000 RAM problem?

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Ok, so I got a call last night from a family friend who asked me to come to her work after school to look at one of the computers there that had been acting funny. I'm over here now and when I walked in, it had BSODed overnight. The code was something like 0x00000008 or something similar to that. I tried googling and most of the problems have to do with a program known as Zone Alarm, which is not installed on this computer.

However, there was one post I saw that thought the error might be related to memory. Instintively, I downloaded the .iso for Memtest86 and the trial of PowerISO and began to go to work. When I went to burn the image, it told me there was no media in the disc drive. I checked this through My Computer and it was the same story. I opened up the computer and everything looked plugged in to me. Still, I tried at least three DVD's and a CD and nothing worked.

All the while, I kept getting errors saying Windows has encountered a serious error. I got maybe ten of those the whole time I was there. I tried installing Windows Updates to see if that helped and instead, I got the error messages for a few of the updates I was looking to install. After a restart, I still got some of the errors when I was playing around. I don't, however, get the errors if I'm just browing the internet or typing, only when I try to run tests or right when I boot up from a restart.

So back to the memory idea. This thing has two memory slots. Slot 1 is filled with 250mb of ram and slot 2 is filled with 1 Gig. Could this pose a problem? I was told the computer is three years old so it's weird that it's happening now. I'm guessing maybe a bit of the RAM has gone bad since the computer is pretty slow but I can't know for sure unless I can somehow get the drive to work.

Norton (bah!) is installed on the computer and you know how unreliable that is so I couldn't scan for viruses either. If need be, I'll download one of the free ones and a few other programs like that and leave it scanning over night when I go back.

I'll be going back either tomorrow or later this week to try again so any help between then and now is much appreciated. Any ideas you may have or possible solutions will make my job easier. Thanks for your help.

Windows XP SP3
P4 2.8Ghz
1.25 Gb RAM
Integrated graphics
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Try each stick separately.
If you want to remove the Norton, go to the Semantec website and get the Semantec removal tool program.
I would pull the RAM out but I can't run a XP on 256mb of RAM. It's slow enough as it is. I could pull out the 256mb stick though and see if I have problems with just the one gig one.

As for uninstalling Norton, I can't. It's a city computer so all the programs on there will have to stay on there.

Any other ideas?
XP will will run fine on 256.You realy need to check both sticks.
I'm going back tomorrow to check it out. Any other ideas before I go?
Ok, here's the deal.

I went back on Friday and tried a few things. I updated the Bios in hopes that might fix some sort of compatability issue. It didn't. I ran memtest86+ all weekend and it passed 52 times with no errors what so ever.

I talked to my boss yesterday and he said that he had several computers throughout the network that had been having the exact same error. He thought it was a network virus because several had been fixed by running anti-virus scans.

When I came back here today, there was a second computer in the office with the same error, which basically confirms that theory. Both computers are incredibly sluggish and I'm running scans on both right now. I left one computer alone about an hour ago and came back to find it had BSoDed on me and I have to start scanning again and prevent the computer from going idle somehow. Malwarebytes picked up problems on both computers and Norton had found one on one of them. Last time I checked, Ad-Aware hadn't found anything. I'll see what else I can find.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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