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Dell Inspiron 1300

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Hey I just ordered this laptop with the Pentium M740 Processor and was wondering if this laptop can be upgraded later with a video card for maybe a bit of light gaming? Any help would be appreciated.
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Originally Posted by bobyjo

What are the specks of the new laptop?
Some can be upgraded, video card, memory, hard drive and processor. Some does not like the upgrade route much.
We have a Dell Inspiron 2650 and have upgraded the hard drive, installed a DVD DL Burner, more memory, and a wireless NIC. None of these components were purchased from Dell. Hitachi 5K100 hard drive, PIoneer DVR-K16 DL DVDrw, Corsair PC2100 memory, TrendNet Wireless NIC. All these components work flawlessly, a breeze to install and cost less than half or more than the Dell components. Have a much longer warranty too.
Memory has a lifetime warranty, Hard Drive a 3yr warranty, the DVDrw has a 1year warranty, the wireless NIC has a 1year warranty. Most of the Dell components carry from a 30day to 90day warranty.

These are the specs minus the printer,
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