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I stumbled on this while checking out some other deals at Dell. This would make a great backup chip.

Intel E1200 1.6GHz Dual Core for $37.49


Tech Spec

Multi-Core Dual-Core
Name: Celeron E1200
Operating Frequency: 1.6GHz
FSB: 800MHz
L2 Cache: 512KB
Manufacturing Tech: 65 nm
64 bit Support: Yes
Hyper-Threading Support: No
Virtualization Technology Support: No
Thermal Power: 65W


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Man that is a great price!

I was hoping it would have gone down that low when I was looking, but I wound up paying $50. This is the first time I've seen it go lower since.

It's also worth mentioning that this chip is capable of doing 3.0GHz with the stock cooler with EASE!

For more info/background on this chip, see my thread here:


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