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Dell PERC H310 non-raid passthrough IT mode: some drives not found after migrating to new computer X299 to Z590?

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I had a Dell PERC H310 in a X299 system that I recently replaced with an Asus TUF Z590-PLUS WIFI. I connected the H310, 2X SFF-8087 to 4 SATA cables and all 8 SATA drives in the EXACT same order. I noticed that with the Z590 UEFI bios, for some reason has the configuration of the H310 in the bios itself, I no longer see the splash screen at start up or get the CTRL + I option.

1) Turned on the system and ONE of the drives was not recognized (A1).
2) The BIOS showed all 8 physical disks, 2-8 showing Non-RAID but A1 showing 'Unconfigured Bad'.
3) Swapped the cable with another drive to see if the problem would follow the cable or the drive and it followed the drive.
4) Connected the drive to a motherboard SATA connector and it works fine.
5) Connected cable back to H310, still nothing.
6) Did a 'factory reset' of the H310 settings in the Z590 UEFI BIOS configuration.
7) Now 2 drives not showing (I think it was the drive I swapped the cable with, but don't remember).
8) Connected those 2 drives to motherboard SATA connectors and they work fine.

What do I do here? I just have the H310 for the SATA expansion, was eventually planning to migrate to Unraid (probably) but not there yet. Do I get another HBA card? Which one? Something else? Very confused here...