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dell poweredge 1300's

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i have 2 dell power edge 1300's that were given to me by a local cardiology clinic, my buddys mom is a partner so they were gifts and there will be more hopefully soon.

well anyways they seem to be dual pIII not sure on the mhz seeing as i cant get into them and i haven't tried figuring the labels out

1 seems to have a 128 and a 256 stick of pc100

the other has 1 gig 4x256

both seem the have 3 x 9800mb scsi drives

any ideas would sure be cool he wants to sell them so he can buy a new rig
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i think i can do that for one of them but not the one with 1gig of ram lol
i can prolly get the other up to 512 maybe a lil more i have a couple 128's layign around so a 256 and 3 128's
The places that i go to recycle servers that are newer than that. So i would say if you can get somebody to pay anything for it you are doing fine.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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