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Dell S2209W LCD....

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OK I started batting around the idea of getting this monitor to replace my ageing Dell E207WFP, should I even bother? I like the fact its a smidgen bigger and has a 1920x1080 res, better dot pitch, and a better contrast ratio. Here are the two monitors....


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i wouldn't bother the LCD you have now is good enough, unless you really need the extra res
I do like my E207WFP just fine.......guess I need to decide if my epeen needs to get bigger....
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I have the S2209W, and it's awesome. If you need or want a bigger monitor go for it, but if you're fine with the size of your current one I'd stick with it.
Unless you watch a lot of movies on your computer, don't bother. 24" or bigger.
The price is right......and other 24s are kinda expensive compared to this......Mmmmm...
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