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Delurk and "hi" and stuff

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Normally, I loathe starting new threads; but hey, since everyone else is doing it here, it must not be that bad, right?

Anyway, I've spent enough time lurking in "guest" mode. Time to sign up and throw my name out there.

I'm currently zeroing in on parts for my first PC build since early 2004. There have been significant changes since my now-ancient P4 system came to life, and it's taken quite a bit of reading and research to get up to speed. But hey, all that research is part of the fun of building your own rig.
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Welcome to OCN, warning! It's highly addictive...
Welcome to OCN!
You may as well say goodbye to your loved ones now, because it is, as Pen said, highly addictive. Now grab some parts, read some FAQs, and OC the bejeezus out of them!


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I'm addictive, I don't go to school, instead I just browse the forums. not completely true.

Welcome to OCN.
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welcome to OCN
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