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Demo based on Unreal Engine 3

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I was looking around trying to find out when the UT2007 demo is comming out, and I found this demo that's based on the Unreal Engine 3. Apparently, nobody really knows when the ut2007 demo is comming, but, if anyone is curious to see how their rig copes with the new UE3, give it a try.

btw, it is also a multithreaded CPU demo. It was presented '05 intel developer forum to demonstrate the Pentium D. I haven't actually tried it yet 'cause i just found it.(and it'll be a pain to get it over dial-up)


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I downloaded, but haven't installed it.

Won't play on AMD's? That's going to hurt them in the end...lol

And the screenshots definitely don't impress. The free game online called trackmania nations has sweeter graphics.
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