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DesertRat is now folding for the winter.

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Hope this is the right section...

This is my 2nd stab @ folding, but my 1st serious attempt @ getting things going.

Since it get's a lil chilly in my mediocre-ly insulated garage/office I've decided to get folding to keep it warm and help a good cause

I've got my 3.62Ghz 720unlock X4 and my 3.0Ghz e4500 SMP folding, and both the 4890 in my main machine and my 8600GTS in my C2D GPU2 folding for team 37726 under the name DesertRat.

Just started a lil less than an hour ago so I might not even appear on stanford's site for awhile.

I'm completely new to folding for all intents and purposes, so forgive my n00bishness.

BTW:Thank you to Blitz6804 for helping me setup SMP folding.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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