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Desktop Blank on startup?

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I'm using 32-bit Vista Home Premium on this comp and for some reason whenever I start up it loads to a black desktop with no icons, sidebar, taskbar, etc. and all I see is My Documents open. I then use task manager to launch windows explorer. How can I fix this?
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try running explorer.exe in the run line.
Corrupted OS probably. Try reformatting.

Originally Posted by ipod4ever
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try running explorer.exe in the run line.

You mean through task manager? That's what I do everytime I startup. I shouldn't have to do this though.
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sounds like its lost its activation.

Okay now, I have fixed my explorer.exe problem, but only by doing a system restore on Windows Vista.

It seems that after installing a DVD creating/burning program, my system became unstable and decided to not completely load my desktop, task bar, icons, etc.

If you have recently installed a new software program (any kind), try uninstalling it 1st, then restart your computer and see if everything will load up correctly.

If that doesn't work try restoring your computer to a recent restore point when you know that your computer was functioning properly. (Before whatever installation caused the problem to happen)

I restored mine to a time that was before the menacing software installation. I was hoping I could find a fix for this whole explorer.exe issue without having to do a restore, but I was unsuccessful.

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I can use system restore as this has been going on for a while now. Will I have to reformat Windows? If so, can I do that without losing all my data and programs?
temp fix:

Download tuneup utilities and set explorer.exe to start with windows.
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