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Desktop (HTPC) Skinning Mod

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Alright well, I decide pretty much now that I'm going to do a Desktop case for my desk. There are a bunch of cases but none that acutally fit EXactly what I want except for a cheap, dull looking one

And I want to add this for temp and fan controller as the bottom 2 5.25 drives

Not the most attractive thing on the market but it's large enough to fit my Gigabyte G-Power HSF and the rest of my components comfortably

So, what I am going to do is take this not so nice looking Black Matte case and liven it up a bit, hopefully so it doesn't look utter crap (which it'll be a quite expensive utter piece of crap if it ends up that way). I'm going to put on Brushed Aluminum Vinyls that leave a small outline of black around the edges of vinyl to give it a silver with black outline.

I could do various types of striping, maybe do the sides

But here's a small Prototype of what it'll look like, hopefully when I'm done. The top will have the same type of outlining done, my perspective is wrong so you can't see what the top would look like but you getthe idea

Cost for my stuff is

Case - $60
Vinyl - $21 have to getthe 24in. x 10Ft cause i need the width to cover the whole box)
Aerocool CoolWatch $90 - might go with a separate card reader and LCD to cut cost but this one just looks cool
Case Fans - $15

Should start purchasing tomorrow, i need to get some sleep, and I'll do a build log within this thread in case people are curious
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I'd leave it black with red and silver accents... but that's just my style. I'm sure it'll look great once it's done. Mock-ups never live up to the glory of the real thing. I'll be watching this!
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