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In past 8 months every day I'm looking for solution to fix blinking/flickering dekstop and taskbar icons while using Chrome. Blinking happens every few minutes. It's like quick refresh. I tried everything and I'm out of options.

Blinking doesn't happen with other browsers - IE, Edge or FireFox. Blinking DOES happen in safe mode. If I use Chrome in incognito mode, there is NO blinking. I did clean Windows reinstall three times. I tested two different video cards, but the issue is still there. I tried different monitor, tried to unplug keyboard, change mouse, disable sound, headsets, but nothing worked. I even decided to risk and update my BIOS to the newest version because of this stupid Chrome issue, hoping it will fix my problem, but it didn't solved anything.

I don't use any extensions.

I noticed that during the blink dllhost appears for a second and the dissapears.

This issue doesn't do anything, all games working fine, it's just very annoying and distracting.

I also noticed that there is a quick icon blink each time I click on "change adapter options" in ethernet settings and also when deleting file to recycle bin. This is probably unrelated to Chrome.

Any ideas? Is there anyone who had same or similar issue? Google search haven't found anything similar to my issue (except my topics on various websites and forums).

Here, I add few clips where you can see taskbar blinking:

https://streamable.com/81bee (blink at the very beginning)
https://streamable.com/b6wg4 (blink at 0:03)
https://streamable.com/aznv3 (blink at 0:02)
https://streamable.com/fenl6 (blink at 0:02)
https://streamable.com/hqwzr (blink at 0:02)

Please, any suggestions? I'm so tired of this. I have lots of games on Humble Bundle and I will give some of them to someone who will offer me a WORKING solution to this problem.
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