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[Destructoid] The first level of Contra remade in Half-Life 2

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Someone remade the first level from the original Contra using Half-Life 2. You all should be extremely familiar with this level as you've died at least a thousand times in it. At least.

It's pretty awesome getting to see this level from a first person view. It's also a nice change of pace as I'm sick of seeing that stage how you normally view it. It's not that I suck at Contra. It's that I'm freaking impatient and just want to pew pew pew through the entire game as fast as possible.

What? Don't f**king judge me.

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Alright then.

Originally Posted by DuckieHo View Post
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He got the sound effects and music in there even. Epic
i love it, but there is no way i have died a thousand times on level 1. i dominate at original contra.
I havent played contra in years, but that was great!
They need to do this same things with other games, say maybe The Legend of Zelda, that would be pretty sweet.
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Lame, did his gun run out of ammo? Also, where were the bajillion tiny orange balls flying at you at any given time? Did I see him survive gunshots without respawning?


I guess if I have to be fair, I suppose it took a bit of effort (just a tiny bit) and the exploding bridges weren't totally lame.
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