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Determining OC success..

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So I recently overclocked my current notebooks gpu, and I've been benchmarking etc... anyways SiSoftware Sandra reads my core speed at 76 mhz... which makes little sense to me... CPU-Z, GPU-Z, and 3dMark03 all "confirm" an OC.. I even have this.. http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/vdqag/ just want to make sure that I have 1 numbskull application rather then 3... Default Clock is 400/400/800(Core/Mem/Shader)(DDR2 Version 8400m GS)... OC should be 570/490/1140... anyways, so which program(s) is(are) right?
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Well I am not really vermilier with SiSoftware Sandra. But when googling "SiSoftware Sandra gpu readings" It keeps correcting me to CPU.
So I suspect that the 76mhz reading u are getting is for your CPU rather than your GPU. when using GPUz it usualy gives you the correct speeds so i would say that the speeds on the image u provided is correct.
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