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DeWoof01's "ICE" build- Cosmos 1000

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Hello all,

I am new here and this is my first post. I am starting a new build witha cosmos 1000 that will be heavily modded. I have gotten alot of my inspiration for this mod from other build logs and am hoping to get some tips from all of your and have a good thread that is informative to other about building my system. This build will take several months and i am hoping for completion about May or June of 10'. I am very heavy into research for my parts and spend alot of hours at night deciding on parts before purchase and i will detail my decisions on this thread. I have built several computers before, but nothing near what this one will be. Here are some of the parts I will be looking at:

-Cosmos 1000 case modded for alot of air cooling
-Watercooling added to case
-Single ATI GPU
-Fan Controller
-AMD board & CPU
-DDR3 Ram
-3 hard Drives
-Windows 7

So far i have spent about 30-40 hours of research on the case and case fans, those are my only purchase so far. Pics to follow!
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Ok so here are a few pictures of the case. I had seen the case a year ago or so and knew of the build quality. This thing is a tank, heavy, large, and well built, this is my main reason for choosing this case. First off, the cooling on this case sucks, its completely ridiculous. They have 1 slot for an intake fan and 3 exhaust fans, that makes no sense. But the good thing is that there is so much potential for modding this case that it doesn't matter how bad the stock version is, there are ways that it can be modded to become a GREAT case. I will update the modding plans i have for the fans and cutting to help airflow in the future. I only got a couple pics of the case because i know everyone has seen the pics of this case before.


Main Inside of Case

HD Bays In Case (The BIG cooling Problem)
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Ok so this was an easy chose. Only took about 2 hours of research to find out these were hands down the ones i wanted. The Ultra Kaze 3000. Yes they are loud but they make fan controllers! I have 7 of these that will be going into the case. 2 in front, 2 on the bottom, 2 on the top, and 1 in the rear. I will put pics of up the positioning of the fans as well as the way they will be hooked up to the fan controller.

MUCH bigger than i had pictured!

$85 of cooling POWER!
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Ok so removing the accessories (fans, hd bays, useless crap) getting these wimpy fans out and readying the case for the Scythe bad boys that will be going in. Also removing the HD bays and the casing surrounding them for some cutting

Too much metal, these need some cutting...

Boy there is alot of stuff in this case

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Ok so all pieces are removed from the case now, and took a while to label all the screws, parts, etc. Next post will be about removing the rivets for the HD bays & optical Bays.

1/2 The crap off the front of the case

The bare Front

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Ok so i am in the process of removing the HD and Optical Cage that is going to have ALOT of cutting done to it for the airflow. Let me just say it is a HUGE pita trying to remove all these rivets. I am about 25 rivets in right now and have several more to go. Pics will be up soon as soon as i am done removing all the pieces.... almost there.
Ok, so today i was able to make the cuts over at my shop to the frame and HD bays. All cuts were made using a Dremel or 114mm Hole Saw. Had one problem in that i miscut slightly by about 1/16th inch one of the holes on the black exterior piece where the two holes are supposed to line of with the holes in the frame. This won't be seen though as its at the bottom of the case and my cat will probably be the only one to every notice this problem. I am probably going to be using a rubber piece between the fans and the case where the screws are for no vibration but i cannot find these at fry's, does anyone know something you can pick up at lowes or Home Depot that can adapt well for this purpose? Here are the pics!....
Ok here is the first marking for the Hard Drive Bay Cuts

Dremel Is Ready.

Safety First!

First HD Bay Cut

Both Cuts made

Marking the Holes for the front fan holes

Now THATS a Drill Bid (114mm Hole Saw)

First Fan hole Cut

Both Fan Holes Cut

Both Fan Holes Cut in front exterior. This was the cut that was about 1-2mm to high when it meets up to the case, but it will be black and covered with mesh so it shouldn't be a problem.

Now if you will excuse me i have ALOT of filing to do!
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Ok so i got the 2 front fans mounted and everything turned out alright. I needed to mount them first in order to measure my distances for cutting the HD bay assembly so it will fit with the fans in there. I need some help tho... I am at a crossroads where i don't know what i should purchase next.

I don't want to buy any components that are going to become outdated until the very end (i.e. CPU, MB, GPU). I need a power supply, fan controller, and liquid cooling. I believe my best bet now would be getting all the liquid cooling supplies i will need in order to mount them and check for fitment while i am still in the cutting phase of this case. I have NEVER done a water cooled system before but here are my plans, some help would be tremendous:

1- 2x120 Rad up top. I don't want to cut a third hole up top unless really neccesary.
1- 1x120 Rad in the upper HD bay slot.

My question is what is my best bet for cooling? Obviously the CPU will need cooling, as i am going for over 4Ghz on a AMD Quad Core. But would it be good to have the second 120 loop go to cool the GPU? Or for the Northbride or something else? Any help would be great as i am a real Noob when it comes to watercooling. Thanks,
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Ok Here is the plan for a water cooling setup, will this be enough and sufficent for what i want to cool or what? Suggestions are appreciated!
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wow nice work so far. I cant wait to see how this turns out, ive been going all ver the place looking for good ideas to do to my cosmos when i get one.
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