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DFI Expert OC'n Adventure

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Hey, well I got my opty 148 and DFI expert board a few days ago... (2 to be exact) and I'm getting the urge to see what this chip can do!

For starters I feel quite lost when going through the Bios. The DFI board has so many more options than my Asus SLI Deluxe had... I don't know what many of them do.

Since I know my RAM is good up to at least DDR600 I figured, lets try it at DDR500... from what I've been hearing 2.7 should be pretty attainable w/ this stepping opty... so lets see if it boots on stock voltages.
so I went into the memory section and tried to change the timings to 2.5-3-3-7 which is what my RAM likes to do DDR500 at... but I noticed that I can't change the CAS to 2.5?!?! this board only has integers...so it's 3.0? why!?!? I'm running memtest at the moment 3-3-3-7, but still why can't I choose 2.5?
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